Trainee’s speak #3: Laurent Bory (about biogas, this time)

Trainee’s speak #3: Laurent Bory (about biogas, this time)

agritexia sortie sécurité gaz déc 2014Laurent BORY, a farmer in the Plain du Forez, president of GIE Plaine d’Avenir, is currently participating in the “biogas”  training session. Anaerobic digestion is interested to “transform the constraint storage  effluents into an efficent opportunity”. Laurent appreciates that training allows him to tackle all aspects of the project.

“Biogas production is a subject and a draft heavier to digest. The training sessions starts  with a detailed presentation of the various stages, so it has the merit of being clear, no surprises before committing to a project. It is important that farmers are trainers and testify during this training. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we will come to invest, the system will allow us to go … but they arrived there, so I do not see why we could not do it! Training provides a range of Equipment builders and  suppliers, from regional national reputation, so we see the diversity in materials. Scara Formation  is an independent agency so the suppliers don’t feel in competition to present their material, they do not behave as in  business, they are comfortable, they speak more “technical”. Same thing for banks, allowing to see their positioning, their willingness to move on biogas. The speakers really  master their subject, so we can have really sharp exchange. And although the group format facilitates trade. In addition, we are  very well received, so it’s nice! “.

Did the training session modify  his  project? “I reconfigure my project. I better weigh the different aspects to be considered. (…) The problem for us will be  time, so we must think quickly to a solution, why not wage labor (…) I hope we will have a group project!



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