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AgritrexiA: process equipment up!

After the civil engineering and structural work, up to the process equipment, delivered by trucks. The

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No problem for Metharavouere too!

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Invasive grass: whart technical solutions?

What equipment? what rank width? What rotations? Trainees and trainers shared their analyzes and practices. Trainees

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Precieux High School at the regional “agro-écology” conference

Irene Rousselet, farm general manager  of Precieux Agricultural High School, spoke at the regional conference “Agroecology”  organized

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What role for agricultural groups?

The COTRAE project won the call for projects CASDAR!   and are partners in this action research

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Our new logos!

Our new logo reflects our ambition: to support and strengthen the dynamism of quality agriculture. Thank

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Enhance reactivity for your diagnostics!

Pierre-Yves Dubois joins the team of SCARA group, where he will be primarily responsible for implementing

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AgritexiA in Organic Alternatives Revue

Dominique Tracol, member of AgritexiA and Méthabio 07, shows his experience digester in the latest issue

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