AGORA association “Association for agro-environmental innovation in Rhône-Alpes Auvergne” was born in December 2015.
His ambition is to create an exchange network to develop and unite performance and agri-environmental innovation in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne.
It brings together farmers and groups of farmers who undertake concrete on their farms and their territory for efficient agriculture, sustainable and lasting.
Developed actions cover the main themes of agricultural sustainability, with major issues like the value of organic soils, water quality, and optimization of costs.
AGORA + is active and operational structure, rooted in issues of territory: it is organized in permanent or ad hoc working committees, which bring together members but also organizations or external experts.
The fledgling Association currently has 8 members (including 5 GIEE) about 70 farms and 4,500 hectares. The members have very diverse backgrounds (Grain, toolcarriers-breeders, growers, gardeners, in conventional and organic systems). It is chaired by Guy Milan, representative of GIE Green Valleys.
Biogas Commission is particularly active. In particular, brings together project owners of 11 biogas projects accompanied by SCARA. The Commission allows them to build a collective reflection on the whole chain of the project, anticipate and respond collectively to the vigilance of points of their project. They benefit the organizational benefits, economic and in terms of skills, an inter-group sharing. The 11 project managers and lead a global call for offers for their biogas plant, the investment phase maintenance phase they are building a real collective agricultural biogas sector across the region. Project accompanied by SCARA
AGORA is + leader of AGORA² entertainment program. This program is closely co-built with farmers-experts. It offers information campaigns on the themes of biogas, energy savings in crop management, food autonomy, substitution of pesticides.
Project accompanied by SCARA FORMATION.