SCARA (created in 2007) and scara-formation (1) (“SCARA TRAINING” – created end 2014) make up a consulting group, which helps you study and develop projects in the field of agro-ecology, on a business and land scale.

If you are a farmer, a group of farmers, a land or a structure concerned by agricultural issues, we help you in your project either individually or collectively.

Our ambition: help you improving the economical, environmental and social performance of your business, help you defining and implementing land programs, which promote the development of a quality agriculture.

Our approach is practical. Together we will talk food self-sufficiency, cut in mechanization costs, methanisation, cut in inputs… we will talk technics, return, profitability, organization…

Our specificity : collective inovating agricultural projects

The strongest assets of our approach : – an upward approach : farmers are agents of change – a global approach to analyse the whole farm system and improve gradually

a land approach, which identifies the interactions between the different agricultural activities at a relevant scale.

See our main developments.

Nicolas RIBES.

SCARA creator, ex-farmer (breeder in GAEC), trainer and farms administrator, Nicolas has developped a strong technical and organisational expertise in agricultural methanisation. He also conducts diagnostic studies for food self-sufficiency, opportunity and feasibility diagnostic studies, energy diagnostic studies. He is an expert in ClimAgri (licenced in France by Ademe). His areas of competence are : methanisation, cut in agricultural pollutions (inputs, wastes, and so on …), energy transition.

Elise LEAL

As a projects engineer specialized in agriculture and land procedures, holding a degree in political science, sociology and local development, Elise joined up Nicolas in 2014 to create scara-formation (1). Her areas of competence are : energy transition, land approach, public policies, development of networks,  training.